Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Bosnian..


8 MAY 2009

"I am very honoured to deliver the khutbah today at the IIUM" said the khatib from the Bosnia..

The khutbah was very great.. He talk about the very basic fundamental things that we, Muslim have to strive(improve) for..

There are four of them.

1.The Knowledge
2.The Morality
3.The Brotherhood
4.The Continuity of the past legacy(Islamic civilization)

He also said that he and muslim people around the world are hoping to us the muslim community at the IIUM to be among of the ummah that would contribute in the proccess of ISLAM to conquer the world again.

We could be among of them, so..hurry up.. let us gain knowledge as much as we can, improve our morality and behaviour, let us strengthen the bond of ukhuwah, and finally continue all of the efforts from the past legacy..

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