Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness


Let it be
The beautiful of knowing
The painful of struggling

Let it be
The file on your desk
The smile on your face

Let it be
Song of happiness
The secret of your love

Let it be
Behind the scenes
It's already written

Let it be
I hope i can be
or least might be

Let it be
Your feeling towards 'he'
My feeling towards 'she'

Let it be
4 years to go
Should be acknowledge

Let it be
I'll wait for you
You'll wait for me

Oh ALLAH, can you LET IT BE?

I HOPE shield will still bill deal fall meal..

*Tersurat dan tersirat
*Ma'thirat dan ma'thurat



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Insyaallah ape?
Insyallah 3 hari..